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I had always dabbled with Graphic Design when I was a professional photographer but when I became disabled in 2008, I decided to go back to school and study and receive an Associate in Graphic Design Degree.

I learned Adobe products for Desktop Publishing and became very proficient with InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro. I have freelanced in Graphic Design since I graduated from school in 2012.

One of the best teachers I ever had and is an adjunct instructor at Scottsdale Community College. His name is Rick Burress and has his own business outside of teaching at Mesa Community College.

I took InDesign from him in three different classes. Basic. Intermediate. Advanced. I also took a Photoshop class and Adobe Bridge class from him. 

Rick also co-created the new standards for the State of Arizona’s K-12 educational system for Graphic Arts. Each Summer, Rick “teaches the teachers” how to better instruct our future design stars using those standards.  

A sample of my Graphic Design Work is below.  

Design of Newsletters, Annual Reports, Books and Postcards

These periodicals are PDF’s I designed. You will be able to flip through each one to view all the pages in that publication when you click on the cover image and look down to the bottom of each one and click the arrow on the bottom left to scroll each page.

Inside Out was a Newsletter I first started designing when I was in school for Graphic Design. I used Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop to create 21 issues every other month for Central Christian Church in Mesa, Arizona. I worked with main lead, publicist, writers and distributors. I not only did all the layout but created the logo and all the graphics on the inside of each issue but I also wrote a number of articles for many of them. Our team would would meet a couple weeks before each issue a discuss what was going in the publication and then everyone would review each one and make suggestions before publication. 

Salvation Army Annual Report was a publication I designed as final project for my Graphic Arts degree. I had to do a lot of research on this Annual Report. I also took all the photographs turning some into B&W along with color but also used a technique in Photoshop that is called colorization where a B&W image has a small portion in color. 

Healthy Children Pediatrics postcard was designed promoting a Grand Opening of a children’s doctors office. 

Hope Community Health Center was a non-profit health center was an organization dedicated to the poor and disadvantaged people in the local community of Chandler, Arizona. I not only did the layout of the newsletter using InDesign but also took all the photographs. There funds were limited for printing costs so we designed the inside in B&W. 

360 Wholeness was a book I designed with two other InDesign professionals. I also designed the graphics on the content of the book using adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I love using all three of these Adobe products because the work so well together.

Cakes N’ Stuff Postcard was designed with my mother in mind. She made wedding cakes for a living back in Waukegan, Illinois. She also had a storefront that offered cake and chocolate decorating classes and supplies. 

Social Media Memes

Designing Social Media memes for companies is one the more satisfying things I can think of to design. Bringing together a great quote with a powerful image can tell a message like nothing else can. Many companies do not want to push their business so hard on social media everyday of the week, so they like to post an uplifting message on Mondays and Fridays and then post information about their business on Wednesdays.


Logos are one of the harder things to design because you have to pack so much visual information into a very small space. When you shrink it down it has to still give you that spark of information.

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This website page is an sample of my graphic design work including Newsletters, Annual Reports, Books, Logos, postcard and ads.