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While in school for Graphic Design I also took classes in Website Design using Adobe Dreamweaver.

I felt that designing websites was an extension of Graphic Design and Photography for me.

I discovered WordPress while still in school and have not looked back.

I design many of my websites in the last 12 years using a Theme called Divi made by Elegant Themes.

It is a very powerful and robust page builder for WordPress.

I am also very good at SEO (search engine optimization) so websites can be found by search engines. 

Just below is just a sample of my Website Design Work.  

WordPress Websites I Have Designed 

Aero Drone Visions…

… a website that I designed for a Drone company.

They shoot a lot of video and still photography for Commercial Construction, Neighborhood Developments, High-end Residential Homes, Events and Venues and Ad Agencies.

To show off their blogs in an attractive way on every page, we set it up to show just the last three blogs with its featured image, title and meta description.

When I was planning on designing a website for a Painting Contractor, we used this drone company to shoot video and still images of SRB Painting working on the outside of a house they were painting.

You will see that companies website a bit further down this page.

Go here to view the website of Aero Drone Visions.

Unleashed Dog Training…

…was a website that I designer for a Dog Trainer in Cottonwood, Arizona.

I designed the slider at the top of the home page to go from No dog prints to more and more dog prints in a rotation 3 seconds each as if a dog kept walking over it.

The dog trainer loved and I thought it was pretty effective.

I designed links to different pages on the website using some of the dog trainers different pages of services.

I also showed the last three blogs on each page with the featured image, title and meta description.

I designed the logo for this customer.

Go here to view Unleashed Dog Training Website.


Happy Gardens Community School

…was a website that I designed for a Non-profit School located in Nairobi, Kenya in Africa.

I love creating and working on non-profit websites because they help people so much.

I love giving back using my Website a Graphic Design skills this way.

By designing this website we introduce this small school to the world.

Things I designed on this website that were a bit different:

1.) We used a photo gallery so you could view the children, teachers and the school.

2.) Made a blog that is updated with what is going on at the school on a regular basis.

3.) Made a page to introduce the featured people that contribute to school.

4.) Set up a donation button and links to take donations.

5.) All the text and photographs came from Lydia, the school director, using only her cell phone to me in text messages and emails from her cell phone only. 

Go here to view the website of Happy Gardens Community School

SRB Painting Contractor…

…website that I designed for a Painting Contractor in the Phoenix area.

One of the first things I did when I knew I was going to design this website, was to set up a trade with another company who I designed a website for called, Aero Drone Visions and had them come out to a house painting project that SRB was working on and shoot aerial drone video and still images of them working.

The video was made with background music and loaded up on to YouTube and then placed the video on the website.

I think it turned out very impressive.

All the videos that we load up on YouTube, Vimeo and Social Media, have extensive SEO to so they will be found by search engines independ of the website.

Remember YouTube is owned by Google so SEO is a big deal to them and is integrated in all internet browsers.

We showed a lot of before and after images to help people get a feel for the painting work this company does.

We also had many preperation how-to blogs written ahead of the website being published to give authority to what this company knows how to do and why. 

Go here to view SRB Painting Website.

CG Photo and Design…

…is another website that I designed for a portrait and wedding photographer.

This one is very different from the other photographer in the way it looks and feels.

The website definitely has a feminine touch to it.

Half way down you will encounter 6 photographs that will link to the different types of photography that she offers.

Each of these images are offset from each other and bounce up when you scroll to give it a feeling of motion.

The photo galleries on each of the pages are also very different and show off her work very well when you click the individual images.

We also made a blog representation of the last three blogs on each page that talks about that photo shoot with a featured image, title and description. 

Go here to view the website of CG Photo and Design Website.

Website and Graphic Design…

…I designed this website to promote my freelance Website and Graphic Design business.

Even though I will not be doing much freelancing anymore, I am still proud of this website I created.

I used it to promote my website design skills as well as my SEO (search engine optimization) no-how so people and businesses can be found on the internet.

I also used it to promote my Graphic Design skills in the way of making logos, flyers, books, newsletters, trifolds and postcards.

I have enjoyed working with people on a one-to-one basis and look forward to doing more of it for a company that might hire me to do this work.  

Go here to view my Website and Graphic Design website.

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